Car Audio Winners at Spring Break Nationals

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Liquid Trends

Below is a list of winners at the annual Spring Break Nationals, “The World’s Most Famous Soundoff,” held last weekend in Daytona Beach, FL.

Records were set in the IASCA IdBL and Bass Boxing competitions and a new car audio build off contest was held by IASCA for car audio dealers, which was won by Brian Mitchell of Liquid Trends Modesto, in CA. His car is pictured above–a 2012 Chevrolet Cruze zombie themed installation. Runner up for the Build Off was Chris Ott from Soundwaves of Tampa.

IASCA 5K Brian Mitchell
IASCA 5K Build Off winner Brian Mitchel of Liquid Trends Modesto in CA.

IASCA’s Director of Operations Moe Sabourin said, “We are extremely proud of our IASCA competitors and members. Their support of the event means a great deal to us and along with dB Drag, MECA and ISPLL competitors, once again proves that SBN is the ‘World’s Most Famous Soundoff…congratulations to every member who set the standard for the 2015 season!”

For the IASCA competition in Sound Quality, Ernest Pierce took first place in the Rookie class and Jeremy Daniels won for the Amateur class. Other first place winners were John Kiser for Pro/am, Doug Midkiff for Pro; Steve Cook, Expert Solo; John Marsh, Expert, and Harold Jones, Ultimate.

For IQC, first place winners were Francisco Morales, Rookie; Jeffrey Moolevliet, Amateur; Edward Rice, Pro/am, Paul Pirro, Pro; and Brian Mitchell, Expert Solo.

RTA-SPL winner was Edward Rice; TC Placement winner was Jeffrey Moolevliet.

Other IASCA first place winners included Courtney Tracey, Stewart Donohoo, Tony Economou, Alex Crane, Walt Johnson, Nick Watts,Jason Atkins, tony Jobe, Geoff Radtke, Tammy Putnam, Mike Vinson, Raymond Smith, Lee Meeker, George Fann, Vitas Hawley, Sean Belanger, Larry Taylor, Gary Bachelor, and Craig Butler.

dB Drag Racing winners may be viewed here for dB Drag Racing Results and here for Bass Race Results.

MECA competition winners should be posted here by the weekend:  Also holding a competition was ISPLL.

Orca SQ Team
Orca SQ Team  (left to right) John Ridenour, Harold Jones, Ron Baker, Paul Pirro, Doug Midkif, Russ Balazs, John Kiser, and Vince Stable


Source: CEoutlook

Top Photo: Winning vehicle for the first IASCA 5K Build Off by Liquid Trends Modesto

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