Backup Camera on Way for Android Smartphone

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Ultrastart Android Cam

Ultra Start plans to release a backup camera system that can work with an Android phone.

The phone becomes the in-car monitor for the camera using Ultra Start’s interface and camera via HDMI.

Ultra Start showed a prototype at the MRI Show near Boston this month and plans to ship the product in June.

The system is suited for use in motorcycles or in vehicles where the customer does not want a full monitor or AV/radio installation, said Ultra Start’s Timothy Choi.

The system includes an interface to the phone that triggers the backup camera image when the car goes into reverse. The interface includes a camera and a module that plugs into the phone.

It relies on an app running in the background on the phone.

Ultra Start says there is no noticeable delay in the image on the screen.

The interface is expected to sell at about $250 installed. The company is also working on iPhone version of the interface.

Source: CEoutlook

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