Apple Says its Watch Will Replace Car Keys

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As Apple gets ready for a March 9 press event on the Apple Watch, the company’s CEO Tim Cook said the watch will be able to replace your car keys.

Cook, speaking to The Telegraph in London Friday, said he envisions the watch replacing car keys, especially the larger, “clumsy” fobs used on some newer cars. The Telegraph added, “This could be a major development and will reinforce the view that Apple is circling the automotive market.”

From what has already been announced, we also know the watch will support fitness apps and allow easy Apple Pay.

The Telegraph said the watch will not just monitor heart rate. For example, since it’s bad for health to sit too much, it will gently remind users to get up every hour and walk around.   It will also use a rewards system for those who exercise.

Cook said today that Apple Pay on the watch will be more secure than the plastic credit cards used in the US.

The watch will also allow users to more easily filter messages. And its battery will last the full day, he told The Telegraph.

Read the full story here.

As noted above, Apple seems to be turning its focus to the car. The Wall Street Journal reported the company is building an electric car and has several hundred employees working in a secret location on a car project code named Titan.

Source: The Telegraph

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  1. I can’t wait to see how Apple integrates with all the various types of vehicle immobilizers. Should be a piece of cake. 😉

    1. It would have to be an OEM only solution, otherwise the watch has to intergrate with third party products such as our’s (shameless self plug).

      The Smart Watch product is being forced, there were several other examples at CES and none were really required, just a shiney new red ball scenario.

  2. Mark it’s not about “are the people ready or not” for a “Smart” watch. It says Apple so they will buy and buy and buy………

  3. How many industries has Apple either destroyed or hurt? Could this be the end of the watch industry as we know it. Will we see the I-WATCH in Kay’s, Jarrod’s? The small Jewelry stores are getting ready for a rude awakening. Welcome to our world!

  4. The push for people to purchase a “Smart” watch is becoming silly. Comsumers are not ready to make the switch over yet and there is still the major redundancy issue that the phone already does everything that is being promised sometime in the future with a watch,

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