The Ultimate Car Security

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VOXX myris

VOXX has developed a prototype of what it calls the ultimate, high tech car security system.  It uses iris recognition to allow a car  to be started or even remote started.

The system was shown in a Jeep at CES 2015, and at the Detroit Auto Show last month in a 3D printed car.

It ties iris recognition into the car’s data bus and ignition lock system to offer an extra level of car security. It uses a product called myris from Eyelock embedded in a visor mirror so it looks like a factory visor.  It takes about 1 second to perform the iris recognition, after the  initial authentication. For remote start, a second authentication would be required.

VOXX sees it as an aftermarket product, requiring installation, for high end cars, initially, as well as for use in fleets. It also adds a “sexy,” high end component to the remote start or security sale, said VOXX Electronics President Tom Malone.

“Think about it as the best security system around,” he said.

Once it’s installed, the car can only start if the driver is authenticated. Even if someone gets a hold of your keys, the car does not start unless he is an authenticated user. But a secure override system will also be available if there is an issue with myris operation.

“The bottom line is VOXX is going to continue to push the development of additional prototypes and proof of concepts [of myris] for eventual introduction into the aftermarket,” said Malone. OEM companies are also interested in the product.

Each myris supports up to 5 users, so members of the family may be authorized.   In the future, the system can be customized to your presets  (seats, radio, mirrors, etc.) once it recognizes you.

Eyelock says the system produces one of the lowest false acceptance rates in the field with 1 in 1.5 million errors per eye and is second only to DNA matching in accuracy.  Myris  is already available as a USB device for computers so that iris recognition replaces password protection. VOXX distributes the product.

While the technology is ahead of the curve, Malone says, “It will make its way into the car. There’s no doubt about it.”

Myris works by converting your iris patterns to a code unique to that person.

Source: VOXX Electronics

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