K40 Launches Radar Detectors With New Anti-Falsing

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K40 RLS2

K40 launched new anti-false alert technology to be found in two new portable radar detectors shipping this week.

The new K-Band Filter technology rejects alerts due to radar-based safety systems found in other cars or even your own car.  Such radar based systems that can cause false alerts include Audi’s Collision Avoidance, BMW’s Blind Spot Detection, and Mercedes-Benz’s Distronic Plus.

The feature is offered in the RD950 and RLS2.

The RLS2 expands on K40’s current RL Series, and adds GPS-enabled capabilities such as the ability to silence alerts at slow speeds. It also lets you mark locations to alert you to slow down, such as school zones. It has a new button layout for easier settings and a red dot matrix display with a mph/kph speed readout.

The RD950 is similar but it excludes GPS.

Suggested retail prices are $299.95 for the RD950 and $399.95 for the RLS2.

Source: K40

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