ESCORT Adds More Anti-Ticket Features

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ESCORT announced updates to its traffic ticket-protection app that works with its Bluetooth-ready radar detectors including the digital Max2.

A new “Air Patrol ” feature warns drivers of local aircraft speed monitoring. Speed enforcement by air is a simple calculation of the time it takes a vehicle to travel the distance between two measured points, also known as VASCAR (Visual Average Speed Computer And Recorder). These points are typically marked by painted lines on the road but can also include any two stationary objects where the distance between them is known (for example, overpasses and entrance or exit ramps).

Users receive an  an audible ‘Air Patrol Alert’, plus a visible on-screen icon to warn the driver before approaching the air patrol zone.

Also new to ESCORT Live is ‘Intelligent Speed Trap.’  ESCORT gathers millions of user reports on speed trap locations and alerts you to known speed trap areas.

For more information visit ESCORT at the  CES Show this week (LVCC North Hall, Booth 1221).

ESCORT’s PASSPORT Max2 radar detector uses digital signal processing to detect signals at record setting range.



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