Pioneer Launches Mini Powered HVT Subwoofer

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Pioneer launches Pioneer TS-WH500A slim powered sub

Pioneer is launching for the first time in the US, new speaker technology that has been available in Japan for two years.  It is included in a new 8-inch powered subwoofer that can fit under the seat of a car.

The new HVT (horizontal vertical transforming) technology is basically a new way of moving a speaker’s diaphram.  Pioneer says it uses a unique linkage mechanism, which allows the magnet and voice coil of the dual motor structure to be positioned horizontally to the left and the right side of vertically moving dual speaker diaphragms.

The result is a slimmer subwoofer with greater excursion, it said.

The powered subwoofer, model TS-WH500A, is super compact with 50 watt RMS power.

It measures 13-7/16 inches x 9-7/8  x 2-3/8 inches and will ship in March at a suggested retail price of $300.

Also from Pioneer are new speakers aimed at specialist retailers, under the TS-D line.  Two new component speakers replace models that are 5 years old. They come in 6 ¾ inch and 5 ¼ inch sizes at $200 and $180, respectively.

As more vehicles now come with a tweeter location, the tweeters on the new components are smaller so they can fit in OEM openings, said Pioneer.

The woofers in the new components have more screw holes to suit more installations and come with installation plate adapters. They ship in March.

Source: Pioneer Electronics

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