JBL, Infinity Intro Bluetooth Amps With Clari-Fi

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Infinity Kappa amp

Harman is introducing its new Clari-Fi real time sound technology for the first time in aftermarket devices.  It will be available in new Infinity Kappa and JBL GTR amplifiers that also offer Bluetooth audio streaming.

The amplifiers offer the convenience of Bluetooth streaming and the sound quality of Clari-Fi, which rebuilds the audio details lost in digitally compressed music.

Clari-Fi was first shown at CES last year under the name “Signal Doctor” and is already included in some OEM systems from Lexus and some home audio systems.

Harman says that unlike current bass boost systems, Clari-Fi is “not a gimmick.”

It uses scientific probability algorithms to rebuild, in real time, what was lost in compression. It does this through a “predictive model” or predicting the content lost in compression. In a typical compressed file, like an MP3, up to 90 percent of the original recording can be lost, said Harman.

Both the JBL and Infinity amps will also have a “4-way party mode” where multiple Bluetooth phones or tablets can connect to stream music.  They are also low profile amps with small footprints.

Infinity Kappa amplifiers will start at $399.95 and new JBL GTR amplifiers will start at $349.95.  Both will begin shipping in June.

Infinity Kappa Amplifier Options and Pricing:

  • 100W X 2 $399.95
  • 600W X 1 $449.95
  • 100W X 4 $449.95
  • 75W X 4, 300W X 1             $499.95
  • 1000W X 1             $549.95


JBL GTR Amplifier Options and Pricing:

  • 100W X 2 $349.95
  • 600W X 1 $399.95
  • 100W X 4 $399.95
  • 75W X 4, 300W X 1 $449.95
  • 1000W X 1 $499.95
JBL BassPro 8-inch powered sub
JBL BassPro 8-inch powered subwoofer for under the seat

Also new are JBL S Series II and III subwoofers and two under-the-seat subwoofers, one each from JBL and Infinity.

The JBL version is the BassPro–  a shallow 8 inch subwoofer claiming long excursion with a Class D 80 watt amplifier. The Infinity BassLink SM version has similar features.  Both will ship in April at about $249.

Source: Harman

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