Car Maker to Pull CD From All Low End Radios

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Android Auto Hyundai

Hyundai will switchover its entry level radios to a new audio system with no CD player and no in-dash navigation, but with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto instead.

Hyundai’s new Display Audio system with a 7-inch high resolution touch screen will launch on select 2016 models and roll out eventually to all entry level models, said the company.

The system will also be on display at the CES Show next month.

“As affordable car buyers are often younger, Hyundai aims to provide what they want most in their car – all the latest smartphone-enabled technologies at a lower price,” said Cason Grover, a senior group manager.

As for the CD going away, aftermarket supplier Boss Audio’s Doug Kern, told us “I’m thinking the CD might have two years left.  Kids don’t use CDs anymore.”  However he noted that he thought the 6 x 9 speaker was close to extinction 10 years ago and its doing just fine now.

Hyundai said its new systems will pack in more technology than every before including texting by voice, music streaming, and phone-based navigation via the radio controls.

It will also use Hyundai’s current “Blue Link” system that can allow remote start and automatic collision notification.

The radio will connect to other apps such as the growing list of apps that Apple CarPlay and Android Auto work with.  For CarPlay, these include Beats Music, iHeart Radio, MLB At Bat, Spotify, Stitcher, CBS Radio News and Podcasts.   Android Auto’s initial app lineup includes iHeart Radio, MLB At Bat, Spotify, SoundCloud, Pandora, TextMe and WhatsApp. Each also plans to add other apps in the future without requiring a car software update, said Hyundai.

The new Hyundai system will include HD Radio and SiriusXM capability. And it will work with the next generation Blue Link using a 4G connection.

Other features include:

  • Integration with Apple’s Siri-powered “Eyes Free” mode
    • Functionality allows owners of compatible vehicles to use the voice command button on the steering wheel to ask Siri questions without taking their eyes off the road
    • Siri Eyes Free supports making calls, selecting and playing music, composing and reading back test messages, using Maps and getting directions, reading notifications, finding calendar information, adding reminders, among other functions
    • Integration with Google’s voice actions and predictive Google Now functionality
    • Pandora integration with smartphone
    • SiriusXM Satellite Radio with enhanced features
    • SiriusXM Traffic and Travel Link
      • Traffic flow data in major markets, 24/7 traffic incidents and alerts
      • Sports scores and schedules, stock ticker, movie times, fuel prices and weather/alerts
    • Advanced voice recognition
    • Swipe technology
    • Music, video and picture storage
      • New home screen with multiple functions
    • Functionality brings drivers relevant information like local weather, upcoming appointments and current traffic conditions
    • Pause, back and play for current station
    • Automatic recording of top six presets 

Source: Hyundai via MacRumors and CEoutlook

Photo: Hyundai’s Android Auto

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  1. Step back a moment and think what this means to the traditional manufacturers whose expertise is based on a moving media and fixed pick up (spinning CD and laser sled) method of playing storing, retrieving and playing back content. For the past several years these manufacturers have been nervous about their place in the OEM dashboard. Now they must go past nervous and take action to remain relevant. I perceive they must be in the current and future technology business as opposed to the past technology business. Absent that, they will be widening the already significant breach in relationship with car makers, that their current and future technology competitors are flooding through.

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