ADS Awarded Remote Start Patent

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ADS Klon

Automotive Data Solutions (ADS) was awarded a US patent for its KLON remote start solution.

It received patent #8,856,780 for enabling the remote starting of highly encrypted vehicles.

KLON is the method used by ADS to program its bypass modules. These modules work with remote starters, enabling them to be installed in specific cars without the need for the driver to forfeit a spare key (as in older solutions).

ADS Klon
Part of the 2-stage ADS Klon system

KLON uses a two-step process instead of a one-step flashing process. It works for vehicles from BMW, Mercedes, Subaru and even for some Hondas that are otherwise difficult for remote start installations.

ADS said it was the first to offer this type of solution in 2010.

Frank Barassi, ADS President said, “We look forward to leveraging KLON technology to deliver additional exclusive solutions for our customers in the years to come.”

A partial description of the patent cites KLON as “a method to remotely flash an external module, the method comprising: a. electronically transferring a first computer program from a computer device to the external module; b. at least partially installing the external module to a vehicle; c. extracting key data from a security device located in the vehicle using the first computer program; d. transferring the key data to the computer device; e. using a second computer program not installed on the external module, analyzing and processing the key data and generating a third computer program allowing the external module to communicate with the security device; f. transferring the generated third computer program to the external module.”

You can see the patent info here

Source: ADS

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