Rockford to Launch its First Superwoofer

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Rockford Sold to Patrick Industries

Rockford Fosgate will launch its first “Superwoofer” and new slim-fit Power Series subwoofers in January.

It will also launch its first woofers in 13-inch and 16-inch sizes (in 1 and 2-ohm versions, under the T2 line).

The new T3 Superwoofer measures 19 inches.  It has twin 5-inch voice coils and uses a glass fiber cone.   Rockford calls it a superwoofer because of its high power handing and maximum output with an “astounding” 35mm of Xmax excursion in one direction, it said. Additional specs will be announced during CES.

The Superwoofers’s long voice coils are in a dual gap, multi-pole neodymium push/pull motor structure. Also the glass fiber cone uses an aramid honecomb, multilayer design.

It’s joined by a new slim-fit line of Power subwoofers that ‘do not compromise performance,’ said the company. They have injection molded foam surround using a proprietary VAST surround technique.   They also use a patent pending voice coil technology (encapsulating voice coil to former coupling technology) as well as a high temperature energy neodymium motor structure, and proprietary split yoke pass thru motor structure (patent pending).
In addition to the slim-fit models, Rockford is launching a total of 6 Power T2 and T3 subwoofers for 2015.

They will be on display in Las Vegas, January 6-8, 2015, during CES  at The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino (Artist Ballroom).

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  1. It’s a superwoofer huh? So being that psi platform 3 15’s handle an amazing 3k watts rms And 6k peak and even more amazing 8k on the burp for audio competition. But yet they never said they have the best and yet they don’t call them a superwoofer. I would think that this superwoofer would be able to handle greater power and the psi platform 3 is. 5 ohm stable.

    1. Brandon, at first I thought you may know a good bit about car audio with the fact you are familiar with PSI drivers, then you argue about RMS ratings and the subwoofer not being .5ohm stable, all credibility went out the window there. A voice coil can be wound to any desired impedance. With the supplied D1 and D2 coil configurations, these subs can be wired to any practical impedance for an amplifier. This sub boasts a 2.6″ linear peak to peak, that is pretty stout. And as far as RMS ratings go, that is more dependent on box, tuning, and cabin functions than anything.
      Don’t take this the wrong way, I am not siding with RF, like any of their other newer products I am sure this is all just marketing publicity.

  2. A LOT of unnecessary tech jargon in this article. Not sure i it was used to make the sub sound more high tech or if the author just copied and pasted the names and manufacturing processes of the parts.

    It’ll be cool to see Rockford come out with a higher end model subwoofer. We’ll see how the neodymium motor plays into soumd quality. 5″ voice coil is pretty different too, might not be as efficient as smaller coils. I wonder if it means bigger amps are on their way.

    Interesting stuff for sure.

    1. I’m pretty sure that “SQ” was not on their minds when they designed this sub…more like SPL or SQL..

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