Memphis Ships Encore Remote Start

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Encore E1

Memphis Car Audio, the exclusive US distributor for Encore Automotive Systems is shipping the E1 remote starter and keyless entry system.

Aimed at independent car audio specialists the E1 incluides long range remote transmitters in 2-button and 4-button versions in the box.

“Encore spent a great deal of time working with installers to provide the best installation experience on the market with this piece.   The E1’s 2-way data and telematics port allows for simple installation in modern vehicles as well as compatibility with telematics units,” said the company.

It uses a window mount antenna unit with an  integrated valet button and LED. “By combining all 3 features into the antenna unit, installers only need to focus on mounting a single unit rather than hassling with 3 different items,” said Oliver Grunhold, Encore President.

The E1 has a compact “brain” module, which is about half the size of some competitive models.

Other key features include GM starter timing, diesel fuel capability, and a “wake” BCM feature to accommodate all OEM requirements.

The Encore E1 is exclusively available through Memphis Car Audio.


E1 Features

  • 2-button and 4-button high frequency (433.92 MHz) transmitters w/ S.A.W Resonator and LED
  • Ask Long Range Technology
  • Way data port, Telematics Port
  • 66 Bit Random Code Hopping
  • Code Learning / Anti-scan Receiver
  • Super Heterodyne Extended Range Window Mount Antenna Receiver with LED and Valet switch built in,
  • Back-up Memory System
  • High Quality “Molex-type” Connectors
  • 2-Push “Safety Start” on the Start Button
  • Parking Light Flash (Dual Polarity Relay)
  • 3rd Channel Auxiliary Outputs
  • Valet and LED Mounted in the antenna with regular LED option.
  • Programmable + or – Start Trigger input
  • Programmable horn timing
  • 5 on board relays: Programmable
  • Ultra small unit design utilizing Micro K relays
  • GM starter timing for no start wire vehicles
  • Dual Polarity 6 stage Programmable Door locks with double pulse lock and unlock
  • Dedicated 2nd Ground out, ACC 2 and 2nd Start wires
  • 3rd Ignition (-) output
  • Diesel Fuel Compatible w/ Timer Select
  • Hood Pin Switch Safety Input
  • Selectable Voltage / RPM / Timer Start
  • Temporary Stop Feature
  • Factory Alarm Disarm and Rearm Signal Out
  • Programmable Ignition 2 (on/off)
  • Selectable run timer (5/10/20/30)
  • Ignition Control By-pass during remote start



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