FlashLogic Adds Honda, Nissan Data Remote Start

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FlashLogic honda

VOXX Electronics Corp is now shipping new FlashLogic data remote start systems for Honda and Nissan vehicles.

The systems turn the factory keyless entry system into a remote start system without the need for a traditional remote start module.

The new systems include a model for select 2013+ Honda and Acura vehicles and a second model for select 2007-2014 Nissan and Infiniti vehicles (models FLRSHA6 and FLRSNI5, respectively).

The systems offer limited inventory requirements and quick installation, said VOXX.

They come with a T-harness to integrate with the car and they can be software flashed to work with certain vehicles.  Thirteen Flashlogic kits cover all the major vehicle brands including Chrysler, GM, FORD, BMW and Mercedes.

The FLRSHA6 and FLRSNI5 are available now at Prestige, Pursuit and Code Alarm dealers each at $249.99 suggested retail price.

VOXX is also offering optional transmitter upgrade packages: one adds two-way LCD confirmation  at $399.99 suggested retail price (FLRF2) and one increasse the operating range of the system to over 1,500 feet at $199.99 (FLRF4).

The systems may also be added to VOXX’s  Car Connection PRO car tracking system.

For more information visit www.flashlogic.com or [email protected].


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