Dynaudio Sold to Electronics Company

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Dynaudio new US distributor for car audio

High end home and car audio company Dynaudio has sold 83 percent of its shares to GoerTek Inc, a maker of audio components based in China.

Dynaudio sells home and car audio made in Denmark to about 100 12 volt dealers and 95 home audio dealers in the US.  It also supplies upgrade OEM audio systems to Volkswagen and supplies Bugatti.

GoerTek is the largest manufacturer of audio components for mobile phones and tablets, and other devices, said Dynaudio.  GoerTek employs about 37,000 people.

“With the acquisition of Dynaudio, GoerTek moves into the high-end audio consumer market,” said  Dynaudio Director of Marketing in North America, Mike Manousselis.

“By combining GoerTek’s vast knowledge and experience in electroacoustic components, consumer electronics accessories, and smart wearable devices with Dynaudio’s expertise in loudspeaker technology and the quality of its in-house manufacturing in Denmark, the goal is to build Dynaudio into THE leading high end audio brand in the world.,” he added.

GoerTek’s technology will allow Dynaudio to “accelerate new product introductions to the home, car and professional audio markets,” he said, as well as increasing Dynaudio’s R&D and marketing teams in Denmark.

Production and product development of high end products will continue in the Skanderborg area in Denmark and the company.

Dynaudio’s Lars Prisak continues as CEO and its founder Wilfried Ehrenholz continues as Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors and a minority shareholder.

GoerTek founder and Chairman Bryan Liang said, “We see excellent possibilities to participate in the further development of the unique international brand image of Dynaudio together with our own extensive technological know-how.”

Source: CEoutlook

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  1. You know… Goertek. They are Goering to help a stand up company like Dyn get into making telephone speakers…. A product that surely needs “high end” attention to detail. …..

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