A First 12V iPhone 6 Plus Install

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iPhone 6 Plus NVS

Here’s one of the first installs of the new iPhone 6 Plus in a car dash.

Carlos Ramirez of NVS Audio in Linden, NJ installed the 6 Plus in a Mercedes Smartfortwo Smart Car using a removable mount.   He says the shop is already getting calls for custom installs of the device, because unlike an iPad, it doesn’t require a separate data plan if you are already a smartphone user.

Ramirez has 6 or 7 appointments for installs booked already.

Another benefit of the 6 Plus is that “The screen size is about the same size as a smaller unit from [some leading car audio brands] with 5.8 inch screens, so it’s not much smaller. And it actually fits in a double DIN opening,” he said.

Because of the simple install, an iPhone 6 “mod” will cost the user around $600.  That’s about half the cost of an iPad install.

Users can then play music, hear Pandora, view maps or watch Netflix.

Ramirez installed the Phone along with an Audison Bit one processor which then serves to control volume.

NVS’s removable 6 Plus mount places the phone in landscape mode, but some of the apps including Google Maps are not yet scaled to a full screen in that mode. But that may change. And Apple Maps does display full screen in landscape.

Watch the video here or click below


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