VOXX (Audiovox) Lane Departure Warning Ships

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Voxx Chris Luft

VOXX, Audiovox will begin shipping its first aftermarket lane departure/forward collision warning system Monday at $549 street price.

The device is relatively easy to install, requiring about an hour install time.

It beeps to let you know if you are leaving your lane (without using your turn signal) so it can alert a drowsy driver or a teen who is not paying attention.  It also beeps to let you know if you are closing in on the car ahead too rapidly.

It also includes a digital video recorder which a shock sensor so if you are in an accident, it locks the recording so you can’t record over it.

The camera-based system uses GPS and a manual connection to the turn signal, ignition and ground.   It includes a plate that mounts behind the rear mirror and the small brain of the device slides in.  Then there’s a small GPS module that also mounts on the windshield.

Alerts are all audible and there’s a remote control to change the volume and sensitivity settings (OEM versions don’t offering sensitivity settings, said VOXX).  The device may be set to start monitoring at a certain speed.  And it can be turned on and off via remote control.

Installers calibrate the system by using a monitor that plugs into the cigarette lighter and then adjusts the camera angle between onscreen yellow markers.

Source: CEoutlook

Photo: VOXX’s Chris Luft explains the new lane departure warning system

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