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David Thornhill

ESCORT  appointed as new President and CEO, David Thornhill, who will lead an “aggressive” plan to expand ESCORT’s business internationally.

ESCORT is also planning “an aggressive” product introduction of new radar detectors this September for release this holiday season.

Thornhill was previously Executive VP and COO of Igloo Products, where he oversaw the launch of products such as the “Sportsman” cooler for outdoorsmen, and “Creatures” lunch bags for school lunches.

Thornhill has collaborated with ESCORT owner Monomoy Capital Partners, a NY private equity fund investment firm, to create a plan to “continue ESCORT’s domestic market dominance as well as expand ESCORT’s business presence in international markets,” said the company.

“His combined experience across operations and product marketing, along with his international collaborations and demonstrated leadership skills, are the ideal fit to direct the ongoing strategy of aggressively growing ESCORT,” said John Stewart of Monomoy.

Source: ESCORT

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1 Comment

  1. I would like to recommend one very important and much needed change to the new President and CEO of Escort! That would be to STOP being our competitor and just be a great PARTNER!
    Specifically speaking on new product releases.

    Every time Escort releases a new model, they do not release it to the brick and mortars who support them every day until they have sold it exclusively on their web site for a period of time. We can’t even get access to these units at all until Escort decides. In the past, I have had many upset return customers who would like to purchase new Escort models from my company only to have Escort force them to buy it from them directly on line. I’ve had customers refuse to purchase Escort any longer because of this policy.

    I highly recommend Escort changes this policy and allows their true long standing partners out here on the front lines, so to speak, to be able to support and stock all future new items as soon as they are available and STOP being our competitor rather than our partner!

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