VOXX Adds Entry Level Parking Sensors

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Voxx sensor

HAUPPAUGE, NY – VOXX Electronics (Audiovox) is now shipping two lower priced parking assistance sensors for car dealers.

The sensors include a PSB110, 4-sensor system with buzzer that helps users park by providing 3 stages of an audible beep if the driver is about to hit an object.   The different stages of beeps indicate distance from the object.

A second sensor system PSB120, adds a digital distance display.

“Our car dealer partners are always looking for new ideas in accessories to boost add-on sales,” said Tom Malone, President of VOXX Electronics.

The 18.8mm sensors are unpainted so they can match any vehicle.  Both systems include a 7.5 foot sensor wire designed for trunk mounted installation.  They come with a hole saw and installation kit.  They have a self-test function; detachable sensor  waterproof wire connectors; and all-weather design (-40 C to 85C ).

Both models can be used as a 2-sensor system..

For more information visit: www.audiovoxproducts.com

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