Alpine Launches Largest Consumer Awareness Campaign in 10 Years

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Alpine Restyle truck

As Alpine shifts to a focus on the truck and SUV market, it is launching a 7-figure consumer campaign to expose the truck-owning audience to car audio.

This is Alpine’s largest consumer campaign in over 10 years, back when it targeted the “tuner” import market.

Alpine X009 radio
Alpine’s Steve Brown shows off the X009, the industry’s first radio with a 9-inch screen

In its new Alpine/Restyle strategy it is selling larger car radios with 8-inch and soon 9-inch screens (most car radios have 7-inch screens). Some of its larger screened radios are tailor made for trucks and SUVs, including the industry’s first 9-inch model x009, arriving in stores shortly.

“Back in 2003, the last time we did a significant consumer marketing campaign….we were probably reaching a few million people a year. With the activities we are putting in place, we think we will be reaching at least 20 million consumers for this year,” said Alpine’s Steve Crawford.

Print ads in leading truck magazines will launch this month.  The company is also staging events that cater to truck and SUV owners.  It is joining HD Radio in a country music tie- in to sponsor singer Charlie Worsham who is the opening act for Brad Paisely.  Other events will include off road truck racing plus social media.

Alpine already held a dealer summit in Dallas in May, inviting 130 dealers to get a look at the new X009, and to explain the new Restyle strategy.

The company has four demo trucks—two Ford F150s and two Chevy  Silverados, each with three X009 radios, including two in the back, for consumer demos.

It attended a 4-day Country Music Award Fest in Nashville last month with one of the trucks shown above.

Alpine first announced its  focus on the truck and SUV market in January at CES.

Crawford estimates the market for AVN market, peaked around 2010 or 2011 and is now hovering around 200,000 to 225,000 units per year.  “Most of us in the 12 volt industry say, okay, that’s the obtainable market and what can we do with that market.”  But Alpine believes by targeting the pickup truck and SUV owner and introducing them to car audio, it can help broaden the potential car audio market.

Source: CEoutlook

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  1. The direction that ALPINE is now taking is AWESOME !!!!! At least one company has what it takes to pull away from pack and give us products that are a head of the curve. THANK YOU !!!!!!!!

  2. Nice to see my consumer awareness vision in 2007 – 2008 still is getting attention, albeit not as an industry.

  3. What Alpine is doing with this new direction is fantastic. We were fortunate to have one of these trucks present recently for a huge weekend show and the vehicle was well received. They look fantastic, sound awesome, and do an excellent job showcasing the direction Alpine is going.

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