NAV-TV Ships Camera Interfaces For 2015 Audi A3

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NAV-TV A3 Camera

CORAL SPRINGS, FL–NAV-TV will begin shipping June 16, a rear and front view camera integration solution for all 2015 Audi A3 vehicles this month.

The new NAV-TV A3/GOLF7 CAM automatically displays a  rear view camera image on the factory LCD screen while in reverse.  It also lets a front view camera (or video input) display on demand.

It shows parking lines that are fully adjustable, that move in relation to the steering wheel position, so the driver can see where the car will be directed before he continues parking. The parking lines can be adjusted in relation to camera placement using an on screen menu. The A3/GOLF7 CAM is a CAN based module and requires no external switches or modification to the vehicle to operate.

“Out of the over 200 vehicles we evaluated locally, not a single one had an OEM rear view camera. However, every single vehicle has a factory color OEM LCD screen. The A3/GOLF 7 CAM allows NAV-TV dealers to add a highly desirable safety feature to the very popular Audi A3 at a time when consumer awareness of the benefits of rear view camera is at an all time high,” said Jack Randall, Product Development Manager for NAV-TV Corp.

For more information visit or call 1-866-477-3336 (USA & Canada toll free) or 1-561-955-9770 (international).


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