‘Clarion Builds’ Aims to Raise Awareness

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Clarion Builds BMW

Clarion announced a “Clarion Builds” program last week that aims to promote car culture, classic cars and awareness of car audio.

Under the program Clarion will help sponsor restorations of iconic classic cars and motorcycles and promote the restorations via “social and traditional” media.

The first project, started this month, is a ground up restoration of a 1974 BMW 2002, a car that spawned the popular Sport GT category and fueled the sports sedan revolution. Popularly referred to as the O2, it is hoarded by collectors. BMW sold over 400,000 of the cars from 1968 to 1976, worldwide.

“It feels that our collective world culture is falling out of love with the automobile and we’re more interested today in our smartphones and tablets, playing games and watching viral videos..” said Allen Gharapetian, Clarion VP Marketing and Product Planning.  “Once we remember the fun of owning, driving, and caring for our cars, trucks or anything else that can move us from here to there, chances are that we’ll rediscover why they are such an important part of our culture and why we cannot simply treat them as just transportation devices.”

Clarion and its partners will restore the BMW to its original factory state but also include some modern enhancements including an up-to-date audio system.

Clarion said each restoration project will be unique and it “welcomes key partners and industry leaders from across the automotive community to join the program and participate in projects that would benefit from their involvement, time, and know-how.”

To find out more visit Clarion Builds at www.clarionbuilds.com or follow Clarion on Facebook at www.facebook.com/clarionusa.

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  1. Well they needed a place for all of their old inventory, so i guess they found it !!!!!! Next months rebuild is a 1977 Vega Wagon !!!!!!!!!!!

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