Top 25 Car Audio Specialists of 2013

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Top 25 Car Audio Specialists

Here is a first-round draft listing of the top car audio retail specialists of 2013 by sales volume.

We did not include general electronics stores in this chart, but confined it to stores that specialize in car audio primarily, although some of the Top 25 have ventured into home electronics or other areas. Perhaps, in the future, we can include general electronics stores, as many have thriving car audio departments, such as ABT Electronics, ABC Warehouse, PC Richards and more.

This listing is the result of dozens of interviews conducted over several months. The sales figures were collected either directly from the top retailers or from other industry members who offered sales estimates on the retailers’ revenues. We  published several invitations, asking top grossing retailers to contact us.  We are happy to adjust any of these numbers if appropriate.

We are aware we may have overlooked some qualified retailers, and plan to publish a revised chart if necessary.  If you were excluded, or wish to adjust a listing on the chart, please contact [email protected]

Retailers qualifying for the chart are stores with a primary emphasis on car audio which we define as aftermarket car audio, video, navigation, tracking, marine audio/video, driver safety (such as backup cameras), remote start, window tinting and related electronics and services, including installation. The stores may be brick and mortar or online sellers or both.

This is not an attempt to judge the skills or sales acumen of a retailer, but a simple reflection of sales volume or estimated sales volume.

Top 25 Car Audio Specialists


















Source: CEoutlook


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  1. This is cool information. Thank You for keeping us small businesses up to date. Car Audio of Fresno is a fully lic. & insured mobile business. We offer everything that most brick and mortar car audio shops offer. We are among the top 100 installers M.E. Magazine 2012/2013 installation service and are Full D/A certified through the Audison and Hertz’s Master Tech. training program with Mobile Solutions in Tempe, Arizona. Our major goal is to offer what no other shop has offered in our area and that is full service first class car audio, vehicle security, full custom fabrication, tuning(certified in), window tinting and installation all done at your location. We are a labor based service that drives sales business to the correct authorized brick and mortar stores in our area. This increases the stores bottom line in sales and allows the store to reduce it’s costs and fluctuating needs to hire more installers as demanding installation schedules can increase and decrease sporadically.

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