Kenwood Ships First 4G Ready Radio

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Kenwood DNN991HD

Kenwood USA is now shipping the first car radio with an option for 4G service, the DNN991HD.  It is also shipping 7 additional 2014 car radios, all of which offer  smartphone mirroring.

The new DNN991HD allows users to connect an optional Verizon 4G dongle ($179-$199) to access the Internet whenever you turn on the car’s ignition.  Then users can access various web sites for music, and social media for instance (once you’ve created a Kenwood Cloud account).  Users can also verbally post and hear aloud Facebook and Twitter updates, access email and get real time traffic and weather updates.

You can also use voice commands to search through music, including your cloud-based music account.

The DNN991 also has an HDMI/MHL connection to Android and Apple phones, built-in Garmin navigation and iDatalink compatibility for retaining factory features.

All 8 of the new radios offer full smartphone mirroring so “If you can see it on your smartphone you can see it on the Kenwood receiver,” said Kenwood’s Scott Caswell.  In many cases the radio touch screen will also control the phone.

You can see a quick video of the new receivers mirror iPhones here and Android phones here.

Users may connect to Netflix and YouTube for videos (which may not be permitted while driving).  Users may access a  navigation application such as Waze for AV receivers that don’t include navigation.

Kenwood said the receivers “take a big leap forward in sound quality due to the direct digital transfer of your music to the advanced D/A converter built into the Kenwood receivers via the HDMI input.”

HDMI/MHL transfers audio and video from iPhone 5/4 and Android phones, and is available on the:

DNN991HD    DNX891HD




The audio/video signal is fed to the Kenwood receiver using an HDMI connection and then control over the smartphone is conducted over Bluetooth.

The following cables work with HDMI:

iPhone 5 Connection Options:

HDMI Cable KCA-HD100 – MSRP $50.00

Lightning to USB cable KCA-iP103 – MSRP $60.00

Apple Lightning Digital A/V Adapter needed

Android Smartphone Options:

MHL – HDMI Cable KCA-MH100 – MSRP between $50.00

Source: Kenwood


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