Hertz, Audison US Distributor Launches New Company

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Advanced Marketing and Distribution (AMD), which distributes the Elettromedia high end brands Hertz and Audison in the U.S., has launched First Integrated Technologies, (FIT) a new company offering kits and interfaces plus backup cameras and navigation solutions.

The Irvine, CA-based company says it will be a one stop shop for “a wide range of application solutions for installing/integrating OEM backup sensors, navigation and backup cameras.”

The products work with most American and Japanese car makes.

Steve Bolden, Co-President of AMD said dealers will no longer have to shop through many sources to “loop all the needed ingredients together, to meet their consumer requests.” He claimed the products are top quality and “the potential growth in this area is very good.”

The company began a soft launch about two months ago. A web site for the trade is under development.

Products include plug and play solutions with T-harnesses, video modules, navigation modules and overlay solutions. First Integration Solutions is working with an Italian OEM supplier of back up sensors for its aftermarket sensors that are programmable. They connect to the car’s speed wire, so you can program them not to alert at a low speed.

For more information contact [email protected] or Natalie Teluk.

Source: AMD (Elettromedia)

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