iSimple Ships In-Car Remote for Tablets

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iSimple BluClik

iSimple (AAMP) is shipping a Bluetooth remote that works with tablets and smartphones and that mounts on the steering wheel or dashboard of the car.

First shown in January at CES, the BlueClik then permits full voice control (using Siri, S-Voice and others) to playback audio from the phone or tablet.  Users can control play/pause, track and volume, without taking their eyes off the road.  The device also lets you activate navigation by voice.

An adjustable attaching strap holds the BluClik in place on the steering wheel or handlebars.  The unit also comes with a dashboard mount as an alternative. Users can also carry the device with them when they leave the car and use it to control their tablet/phone with headphones.


The BluClik (ISBC01) has a suggested retail price of $39.95.

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