12V Retailer, Supplier Enter Unusual Partnership

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Hybrid Audio Technologies, a maker of competition grade speakers has teamed up with Sonus Evolution, the installation training/tools arm of retailer Sonus Car Audio, Clarksville, TN.

Hybrid Audio

Sonus will make car-specific kits for Hybrid Audio that Sonus will sell to dealers and consumers starting in Q2.  Hybrid Audio will be the only speaker brand for these kits.  The kits will include pods for multiple speakers that can mount on the car’s A-pillar.

Hybrid and Sonus will also work together in dealer training.  Sonus will include a day of  training by Scott Buwalda CEO of Hybrid Audio presenting on the fundamentals of sound quality in Sonus’  installation training courses.  And Hybrid Audio will include Sonus’ installation training in Hybrid’s SQ training sessions for dealers.

Additionally, Sonus’ installation tools will be used by Hybrid’s  “sister” company, The Auto Salon, which builds demo vehicles and competition cars.

Buwalda said, “Sonus has a real vision for advancing the art and science of 12-volt installation and interior fabrication.  As a like-minded company, who understands that our speakers are only as good as their installation, Hybrid Audio is elated to be joining forces with Sonus in product development and in-car sound quality training.”

Micah Williams, Founder and Director of Sonus Evolution.  “I’ve gotten nearly twenty good years out of this industry and I am just getting started on the ‘give back’ side of things. I am most excited for this partnership because I know what happens when you put positive energy into something you truly believe in.”

Source: Hybrid Audio

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