NAV-TV and FLIR Intro Advances in Night Vision

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NAV-TV is offering new FLIR night vision automotive cameras that are now capable of detecting animals such as deer as well as pedestrians.

FLIR night visionNAV-TV says the new FLIR PathfindIr II cameras are the only night vision cameras on the market capable of identifying and detecting animals in addition to pedestrians and objects.  Animal detection requires different algorithms and technology than pedestrian detection.

When driving at night, the system can flag animals and pedestrians up to 1500 feet away.  A standard camera can see only about 450 feet ahead which, leaves the driver only a few seconds to react, said NAV-TV. That’s because the system uses thermal technology to sense heat, not light.

The PathFindIr II camera, FLIR’s second generation automotive night vision system, allows you to see clearly in total darkness, regardless of the vehicle you’re driving or the road you’re on, said FLIR.  It is also helpful in bad weather and in the glare of oncoming headlights.

The system automatically draws a rectangle around a pedestrian or animal in the field of view. Closer objects receive a larger rectangle and the PathFindIr II can detect multiple objects simultaneously. A video of the system may be viewed at .

The system is “automotive-qualified” and hermetically sealed, rated to IP-69, with an integrated, automatic window heater. It is based on a 320×240 thermal camera system with a 24° field of view.

The PathFindIR II is available with or without pedestrian and animal detection. It provides a clearer picture than the first generation PathFindIr but is offered at a lower price.

The PathFindIr II with animal and pedestrian detection (NTV-KIT485) has a suggested retail price of $2495 and the PathFindIr II without animal and pedestrian detection (NTV-KIT488) has a suggested retail price of $2395.

Source: NAV-TV




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