Final Spring Break Results

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SBN 2014

SBN 2014 front The 28th annual Spring Break Nationals show attracted more entrants in the audio competitions from all three leading competition groups, said SBN producers.   The Sound Pressure Level (SPL) lanes, drew well over 100 competitors who vied for top honors in IASCA, dB Drag and MECA competition.

“There was well over 300 vehicles competing at the event this weekend” said Moe Sabourin, Director of Operations for IASCA Worldwide “… We’re very excited about the turnout and happy to say that the majority of competitors at the event said it was the best SBN show in years.”

In IASCA Bass Boxing competition, the bar was set high with World Records in every class.


  • Bantamweight Record Holder – Jay Tremblay – 140.8 dB average for 3 rounds
  • Cruiserweight Record Holder – Joey Majewski – 148.6333 dB average for 3 rounds
  • Flyweight Record Holder – Rick Menendez – 151.2333 dB average for 3 rounds
  • Featherweight Record Holder – Jose Ortega – 150.5333 dB average for 3 rounds
  • Lightweight Record Holder – Jonathan Leviner – 151.5333 dB average for 3 rounds
  • Welterweight Record Holder – Nick watts – 153.0667 dB average for 3 rounds
  • Middleweight Record Holder – Matthew Karlovic – 155.6 dB average for 3 rounds
  • Heavyweight Record Holder – Eddie Moreno – 157.7667 dB average for 3 rounds


In IASCA IdBL competition , World Records were set in seven Classes:


  • Trunk/Pickup 2 Class – Michael Chanata – 141 dB
  • Trunk/Pickup 3 Class – Larry Tollman – 148.1 dB
  • Hatchback/Wagon 3 Class – Ronald Garrett – 160.8 dB
  • Advanced 1 Class – Sean Belanger – 159.5 dB
  • Advanced 2 Class – Matthew Karlovic – 154.6 dB
  • Advanced 3 Class – Stephen Washington – 152.4 dB
  • Ultimate Class – David Garcia – 150.5 dB


In IASCA Sound Quality competition, 2014 Class high scores were set in Rookie (Taylor Mushtare), Amateur (Joe Clark), Pro/Am (Bao Tran), Pro (Jim Meyer) and Ultimate (Ben Vollmer). In Triple Crown, the competition was fierce with Julian Ridi from Canada taking top honors in the 1 Seat Division and Ben Vollmer of Audition Car Audio in Cumming, GA locking in the 2 Seat Division win.


In MECA competition, Craig Butler (Team Incriminator) from GA set the highest Sound Pressure score in MECA history with 181. 5 dB.


New member Julian Ridi from Ontario, Canada earned MECA SQL Best of Show trophy with highest scores in Sound Quality, Install, and RTA Freq Out.


MECA Trinidad/Tobago judges Aarian Hosein and Jonathan Babulal worked with SQL competitors and provided excellent scoring and feedback in Sound Quality contest.


In dB Drag competition, Craig Butler set the World Record in the dB Drag Extreme Class at 181.9 dB.


For more information on the Spring Break Nationals event, visit or or contact [email protected]

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