Mobile Solutions Offers MasterTech 3D Class

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Mobile Solutions 3D

TEMPE, AZ–Mobile Solutions announced an advanced course in car audio fabrication called “Master Tech 3D – The Next Level in Fabrication.”

The course focuses on fabrication topics including structural mounting, subwoofer enclosure design and implementation as well as trim panels that go well beyond flat panels and square boxes.

The four-day class, April 26-29, will teach the importance of design for both sound quality and “visually stunning” looks, allowing a dealer to stand out from his competitors.

“Take a good look at customization in cars to see how few designs are really distinguished as different.” said owner Bryan Schmitt.  “You will learn how to create and develop a concept, then build to that specification rather than the ‘design as you go’ approach.”

He added, “Well engineered installations are not a work in progress; they are a result of excellent design and execution. …Along with four… days if intense training covering structures, mounting, designing, fabricating, trimming and showcasing the finished results, you’ll also create your own hands-on project to take home and use as a demonstration of your new elevated skills. It’s a class that may literally redefine how you approach custom installation in the future.”

Schmitt teaches the class along with presentations by Gary Bell an award-winning designer and builder of Alpine Electronics’ Sinister 6 and Imprint RLS concept vehicles.  Bell has built vehicles for Stevie Nicks (Fleetwood Mac), Rick Rubin (Columbia and Def Jam Records) and Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine).

What you will learn in Master Tech 3D:

  • How to Conceptualize 3D Designs- Thinking in 3 Dimensions
  • Understand In-Vehicle Acoustic Challenges and System Design Considerations
  • Learn Important Subwoofer Enclosure Attributes – Which Fits Customer Needs Best?
  • 12 Minute Fiberglass Technique – An Improved Twist on a Time-Tested MS Technique
  • 3D Trim and Trunk Panel Design and Construction Techniques – Start to Finish
  • Quickly Create 3D Forms and Framework (Skeletons, Foams, and “Splashes”)
  • Advanced Bodywork Techniques for Speed and Accuracy – Cut Hours of Sanding Time
  • Adding Body Lines or Distinctive Design Cues to 2D and 3D Panels
  • Choosing and Layering Materials – Learn How OEMs Do It
  • Mounting Enclosures, Electronics and Panels Securely – Preserve the Vehicle Integrity/Serviceability
  • Individual Hands-On Project – Take Your Work Home

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