New Bose Infotainment System for Cadillac

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Bose announced what it called its most advanced sound system ever for a Cadillac and one of the most advanced in an SUV. The system uses new staging technology first implemented in the Infiniti Q50 last July, and now offered in the 2015 Cadillac Escalade SUV.

The new staging technology “directs music to the ideal locations in the cabin — vocals in the center and instruments to the right and left.”  In the Cadillac it achieves this through 5 “Twiddler”  (midrange/tweeter) drivers placed across the front seat area.

It also uses Bose “Centerpoint 2.0” signal processing  to convert a music signal to multiple channels and it includes a microphone in the cabin to monitor and adjust music levels to compensate for road noise.

Bose’s Marc Mansell said,“The Bose Centerpoint system for the 2015 Escalade represents our best engineering and collaboration capabilities, resulting in a listening experience that you won’t find in other large SUVs — optimizing the audio for every row and every seat.”

The system has 16 speakers.  And it claims to ensure a balanced 360-degree sound field for each seating position.

It includes a digital amplifier below the cargo area with 11 channels of equalization.

Besides the 5 Twiddler speakers in the front, the system also uses:

  • Four 1-inch tweeters — one in each mirror patch and one in each rear door — for precise high-frequency reproduction.
  • Two 5.25-inch speakers placed in each rear door to accurately reproduce a wide range of frequencies.
  • Two 2.5-inch Twiddler speakers, one in each D-pillar, adding musical depth for rear-seat passengers.
  • Multiple bass sources for powerful low-note performance, including two 6×9-inch woofers — one in each front door — and a 5.25-inch Richbass® woofer housed in a 10-liter customized enclosure. Bose engineers designed the enclosure to fit under the front-center console to avoid infringing on the Escalade’s cargo and cabin space.

Source: Bose

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  1. WHOOOA…look out aftermarket! This sounds killer in print…so I’ll just have to go to my local dealership and give it a listen. The 12V car audio people better up their game.

    1. Like you said, sounds good in print, im interested to hear the sound quality of the bass. With no subwoofer I suspect the bass region is lacking. The size of speakers that are designed to handle bass are too small. The highs and midrange region will probably sound concert quality. Im interested in seeing the specs for the amp.

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