Rockford Honors Reps of the Year 2013

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Rockford Reps of Year 2013

TEMPE, AZ–Rockford Corp. announced rep of the year awards for its Lightning Audio, Brax / Helix, and Renegade lines for 2013.

The company recognized Taylor Marketing (Lightning Audio), Encore Marketing (Brax / Helix), and Norcal Sales & Marketing (Renegade) as 2013’s “Reps of the Year” during CES this month.

Bill Jackson, Rockford Corp. president and CEO said its car audio speaker and amplifier brands “require knowledgeable partners that can ensure they are well represented to our dealers and customers out in the field. Taylor Marketing, Encore Marketing, and Norcal Sales & Marketing have all done a tremendous job and we are proud to recognize their achievements the past year.”

Photo: Taylor Marketing top left, Encore Marketing Right and Norcal Sales & Marketing bottom left


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