Best Buy Offers Phone/Car Stereo Deal

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Best Buy

We just got wind of a promotion Best Buy is offering that ties in the smartphone with the car audio system.

Best Buy confirmed it is offering customers coupons for free pairing of their smartphone with the car audio system through Geek Squad Auto Techs.  If the customer doesn’t have a Bluetooth radio he’s given a 25 percent off coupon on select Bluetooth car audio products including radios or interface kits.

One AutoTech said it provides a chance for the store to talk to the consumer about various new tech possibilities for his car.

A  Best Buy spokesperson said, “It’s one example of how Best Buy is leveraging its unique national installation capability and a proficiency in selling connected devices such as smartphones.”

She added, “As the connected car evolution continues to build momentum, we have some unique assets to bring to the opportunity.”

The promotion is available in all stores.

Source: CEoutlook

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  1. best buy tried to partner with ford to help demo sync to customers. a failure to say the least. sales floors are too fast for this program.. nice try though.

  2. Great example of why you should get out of the office every once and awhile to see if those “Corporate Boardroom Solutions to Save the World” make sense.

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