Mobile Solutions Intros Smart Frame System for Installers

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Mobile Solutions Smart Frame System

Mobile Solutions, which makes tools for installers under its Smart Tool line, introduced a new Smart Frame System of adjustable templates and jigs for producing custom trim panels and shapes.

The infinitely adjustable frames let you press together jig shapes and pieces, including any corner radius, chamfer edge or straight accents, and router it in less than 15 minutes.

Installers can use it to add  highlights to an install, including viewing windows and custom inserts, while saving hours in custom work.

The Smart Frame System is adjustable to ¾” increments in any direction for square or rectangular shapes, and once assembled, can be moved and transferred easily (you can take it to the car for a quick check).  The rigidity, shape, and measuring accuracy is repeatable every time, so duplicating shapes and designs multiple times is no issue.

The Smart Frames works like this:

  1. Create the size and shape of your panel or view window
  2. Add corners and accents to complete the shape
  3. Trace edges to substrate (wood, plastic, aluminum, etc.)
  4. Rough cut material ¼” over the outlined edge
  5. Tape substrate to the Smart Frame System
  6. Use a double bearing Flush Trim Bit to copy the pattern
  7. Use a Profile Bit to soften the edge (Chamfer, Round-over, Cove, etc.)

The template can also be layered with other Smart Template pieces to create a bridged layer effect. Several new shape and feature pieces are being developed.

The system is patent pending.

Mobile Solutions holds installation training at its Phoenix, AZ facility or on-site.  For more information visit  or call 480-968-2074.

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