Pioneer Shows Car Mirror Overlay Concept

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Pioneer concept mirror

Pioneer is showing at CES a concept overlay for a rear view mirror that turns the mirror into a display for smartphone navigation and which also delivers driver safety features like lane departure warning and forward collision warning.

Called DriveAgent, the overlay includes a forward-facing camera for driver safety features that mounts behind the mirror and the unit adds a 5 inch LCD to the mirror. It has Bluetooth and a microphone and it can connect to a smartphone to display directions and traffic.

It also has voice control.  The demo showed it using the Robin app, which is similar to Siri, only for Android, but any final product would include voice control for all types of phones said Pioneer’s Ted Cardenas.

There are no plans yet to bring DriveAgent to market.  But it does not face the kind of regulatory issues that prevented Pioneer from bringing a heads up display to the market to date, said Cardenas.

DriveAgent may be described as a second screen for a phone with additional driver safety features.

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