Harman Shows Google Glass with Driver Safety Connection

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Google Glass in the car

Harman will demonstrate during CES the integration of Google Glass (computer eyeglasses) with Harman driver assistance services.

It will show how Google Glass can seamlessly connect to a Harman smart mirror prototype that uses Harman’s advanced driver safety system.

The safety system connects to cameras and sensors in the car.  The system can detect a vehicle  in front of the driver to issue warnings of a possible collision and alert the driver if he is veering off the road.

Harman will also announce during CES a new OEM platform that combines driver safety features with the car audio system.  It offers to automakers, collision warning and lane departure warning as part of the OEM infotainment system.  It also uses advanced technology such as HTML-5 and it provides safety from cyber attacks and car hacking.

Harman will display the systems during CES at the Hard Rock Hotel.

Source: Harman

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