Harman Intros Semi-OEM System

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Harman is introducing what it calls  “Semi-OEM” infotainment systems that can be installed after a car leaves the factory by car dealers and expediters.

The system is a small snap-in box connected to a pre-wired cradle that can be installed by the car dealer  or even by the consumer.  It is NOT an OBD2 device but a custom solutions solution that an automaker can plan into the design of the car, allowing it to be added later as an upgrade, or on the assembly line.  It might be wired into the glove box, for instance.

Once installed, the device connects to the car’s infrastructure (it is car specific) and may link to the car’s steering wheel controls, touch screens, and rotary knobs.  It could provide infotainment features such as navigation with the ability to update maps and other features.  It might include a built-in cellular modem or the ability to connect to a smartphone.

It could also include Aha Radio Internet Radio or new Aha cloud services that allow software updates or car diagnostics.

The system is offered as a way for consumers to keep up with technology even as their car ages.

The semi-OEM system will be on display during CES at the Hard Rock Hotel.



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