Car Audio Aftermarket Sales YTD: NPD

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NPD on top car audio amplifiers

The car audio aftermarket had another challenging year, but it was spared the double digit declines predicted by some, at least through November.

According to the NPD Group, which tracks sales to consumers, if you exclude portable navigation devices (PNDs), car audio/video/navigation sales fell 5 percent in dollars from January through November compared to last year.

Measured in units, sales fell 6 percent for the same period.

This contrasts to last year, when unit sales were up by 2 percent compared to 2011 and dollar sales slipped by 2 percent.

Source: NPD

Units Dollars
Jan – Nov 2012 Vs Jan – Nov 2013 Jan – Nov 2012 Vs Jan – Nov 2013



Jan – Nov 2011 Vs Jan – Nov 2012 Jan – Nov 2011 Vs Jan – Nov 2012



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