A Big Thank You From CEoutlook

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Happy Holidays

Thank you all for reading CEoutlook this year.  I am very fortunate to write about an industry with so many talented and great people.

Have a very Happy Holidays and a safe, awesome and profitable 2014!!!

Amy Gilroy


photo courtesy of christmastime4u

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  1. You’re welcome. I’d personally like to read or view (vids are always welcome) reviews on I.C.E equipment from different brands. There are tons of sites out there that write nuanced articles about smartphones and tablets but only a hand full review car audio equipment and they are biased towards their sponsors. You can select which equipments to review based on the maximum monthly or weekly hits/clicks an article receives or which ever company out there is willing to give out test units :D.This way you can keep your readers hooked up to the site and turn them into returning readers.

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