Google To Intro New Car Infotainment at CES: Report

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At CES next month, Google will jump into the car entertainment market with both feet in a bid to rule the interface for the car radio with apps.

It will launch its own car OS rival to Apple’s iOS in the Car, according to EE Times, a well-regarded electronics journal.

Additionally, Google will form an industry group, expected to create standards to make it easier to develop apps for the car, said the report.

As car makers struggle to advance their car radios without making them too complex for the average user, a window of opportunity has emerged for tech companies to create a safe user interface for the Connected Car.

Apple announced in June that its car radio interface, iOS in the Car, will be available  next year in new cars offering simple mirroring  from iPhones to the car radio with lots of voice control.

iOS in the Car is expected to be available in half of all cars world wide by 2018, according to ABI Research.

As EE Times said, “The fireworks are about to begin,” as Google and Apple will face off in a contest to create a simple but powerful radio system for connecting to smartphones and using apps in the car.

See the EE Times story here.

Source: EE Times

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