DroneMobile Launches Next Gen Smartphone Controlled Car Device

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Drone Mobile DR-3100

DroneMobile, the remote-start-from-a-phone system, launched on Friday, its next generation smartphone control and car tracking/telematics system with a new Drone DR-3100 wireless antenna.

With the new system, DroneMobile becomes one of the first aftermarket GPS telematics and car trackers to switch away from AT&T’s 2G service, which is expected to be discontinued by 2016.  The new Drone device now uses Verizon’s CDMA cellular network instead.  The DR-3100 is also 60 percent smaller than its predecessor.

When installed, the DR-3100, at $199.99 suggested retail price, lets users send commands from the phone to the car so you can lock, unlock, remote start, and pop the trunk from your smartphone  (when combined with a Compustar remote start or security system).  And users may receive security alerts, in the event someone tries to break into your car.  It comes with one year of free basic service and has a service charge of $49.99/year thereafter.

Using the same hardware, consumers can also add GPS tracking to their systems by upgrading service to the Premium plan at $119.99 per year.

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