Escort’s New MediaFlair Can Be In-Car Server

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Escort MediaFlair

Radar detector maker Escort continues to expand into new categories with the launch of a new portable WiFi streaming accessory.


The MediaFlair is a portable server, that when in range of WiFi-connected phones and tablets, can stream media to those devices.


If you can’t fit your movies on your phone or tablet for a plane ride or you want to send movies to a back seat entertainment system for the kids, you load a movie on an SD card then insert it in the MediaFlair which is recognized by other devices as a WiFi network.   The MediaFlair then serves up movies, photos or documents to up to 5 devices


The device at $99.95 is smaller than a deck of cards and it comes with an 8GB SD card.  Battery life is 4 hours and it works with a car charger.  A companion MediaFlair app is required.


Escort CEO John Larson said, “MediaFlair helps our customers take their media with them anywhere they go and then wirelessly share their media with family, friends or anyone they choose.”


Here’s a quick video on the device, which will debut at a holiday press even in New York Thursday evening called the Pepcom Holiday Spectacular.


Source: Escort, Inc.

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