People Continue to Keep Cars Longer: 11.4 Years All Time High

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According to R. L. Polk, the average age of cars on the road in the U.S. continues to climb, even as new car sales are picking up.

In 2012, the average car age was 10.9 years and last year it was 11.2 years.  Now that figure stands at a record 11.4 years.

This marks 11 years of  cars in use getting older since 2002 when the typical car was 9.8 years old. 

Part of the reason for the trend is the uncertain economy, but also cars are better engineered and are able to last longer, said Auto News.

Polk examines car registrations for the 247 million cars on the road for its data.

It predicts the total number of vehicles in operation will increase by 5 percent to over 260 million by 2018.

Source: Auto News

Photo credit: BrightDriver

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  1. And every car over 3 years old is a prime candidate for sound and technology upgrades. And the 12V industry has a plethora of desirable upgrades. What a terrible waste that consumers are unaware and if they are aware, they are hesitant to trust their ride to a 12V shop to do the work.

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