Steve Meade, D’Amore Launch Amplifier Dyno

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Steve MEade AD-1

Steve Meade Designs and D’Amore Engineering introduce the AD-1 Amplifier Dyno that allows car audio installers, for the first time, to  quickly and easily determine the actual performance of any amplifier in any vehicle.

The AD-1 Amplifier Dyno makes it possible to:


  • Measure the actual power of any stereo power amplifier, making up to 12,000 Watts per channel, into 8 Ohms, 4 Ohms, 2.7 Ohms, 2 Ohms, 1.6 Ohms, 1.33 Ohms, or 1 Ohm for each channel.
  • Measure the actual power of any mono power amplifier, making up to 24,000 Watts, into 4 Ohms, 2 Ohms, 1.33 Ohms, 1 Ohm, 0.8 Ohms, 0.6 Ohms, or 0.5 Ohms.
  • Educate consumers about the differences between marketing numbers and actual performance.
  • Demonstrate the effectiveness of quality cable versus inferior cable.
  • Demonstrate the effectiveness of upgrading the charging system to achieve all of the performance an amplifier is capable of.


The AD-1 is simple to operate via its menu driven control panel.  The AD-1 Amplifier Dyno has five modes of operation:


Certified Mode – The AD-1 utilizes the patented DD-1 Distortion Detection System to measure the maximum power at 1.0% harmonic distortion.  Measured power is clean “RMS” power.


Uncertified Mode – The AD-1 uses patent pending technology that ignores harmonic distortions and noise and detects clipping that approximates 1.0% distortion.  This is useful for amplifier designs that are inherently noisy, like inexpensive Class D offerings and head units.  Measured power is clean “RMS” power.


Dynamic Power Mode – The AD-1 uses industry standard tone bursts and captures the power generated during these bursts.  Measured power approximates the clean “RMS” power the amplifier is capable of delivering on music peaks.


DD-1+ Mode – The AD-1 can be used to setup a system’s gain structure allowing the user to precisely set amplifier gain overlap, thereby delivering the best compromise between the noise floor and dynamic range capability of the audio system.  In addition, this prevents the end user from over-driving their system and damaging equipment.


Meters Mode – the AD-1 can be used as an AC voltmeter that measures in dBV (decibel Volts).  This is particularly useful when used in conjunction with a sine wave generator, like the hand-held IM-SG, to analyze the frequency response of any audio system.


The AD-1 allows your staff to quickly dispel misinformation and educate consumers on the spot utilizing the equipment in their own vehicle!  In addition, the AD-1 will quickly prove to be the most valuable tool in your installation bay by allowing your installation staff to quickly and easily outline the correct course of action to get any audio system performing to its peak.

The AD-1 sells for $2,799.99 and can be purchased from D’Amore Engineering or with a 4-6 week lead time for delivery.

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