Aftermarket DVR is Also Blind Spot Aid

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Rydeen will introduce later this year a 360 degree aftermarket, in-car digital camera system that is both a digital recorder and a blind spot aid.

The system uses four cameras placed in the front and back, and on the side view mirrors, each with true 180-degree views.  The system is also able to “auto-stitch” images from all the cameras together for a full surround view, once the cameras are calibrated.

The cameras plug into a black box, which in turn plugs into the AV jack in an in-car AV radio or monitor.  The cameras can switch on automatically in autoreverse or when the turn signals are on.  In the latter case, you get a view of the side lanes so you can see what might be in a blind spot.

Called the RDV360, the system works with a remote control, so you can turn it on and off or just keep the cameras running.

Pricing was not available.

Source: CEoutlook

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