12V Buying Group Launches Its Own Accessories Line

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MESA wire

MESA, the Mobile Electronics Specialists of America buying/marketing group announced it has begun selling “MESA Wire,” a private label line of wiring accessories supplied by Scosche Industries.

The line includes more than 80 SKUs of product, that’s marketed in MESA-branded packaging. It began shipping in volume this month and is sold through MESA dealers exclusively.  The line includes amp kits, entry, mid and high end RCA cables, speaker wire, power wire and distribution blocks.

MESA distributor blocks“Having branded wire made a lot of sense for us to promote the MESA name and MESA membership…and to hit a margin target,” said MESA Executive Director Ryan Gunter. “Pretty much all of our members are bringing it in,” he added.

MESA currently has 47 retail members in about 29 different states.

MESA is not planning to offer other private label products in the near future.

Scosche Director of Automotive Product Management Jason Kemmerer said,  “We are extremely pleased with how the MESA Wire has turned out and to have had the opportunity to provide the best product for some of the best retailers in the industry.”

Source: MESA

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  1. Great Stuff !

    House brands are almost always a good idea for a retailer. It adds PROFIT, IDENTITY and PREDICTABILITY to the business planning endeavor. Well managed house brands can become as and sometimes more popular than the standard brands in a category.

    In this case I perceive it will help ALL of the MESA members to focus on the benefits of selling more accessories.

    Ray Windsor
    German Maestro

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