New Google Maps More Like a PND

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Google Maps for Mobile

An updated version of Google Maps For Mobile with features similar to an advanced portable navigation device will launch this summer for both Android and iOS devices.

Google will provide dynamic rerouting from within Google Maps and it is providing new early warning alerts for traffic ahead on your route.   If there’s traffic down the road, you’ll be shown a better route to take.

Traffic incidents are delivered to the phone as alerts that you can tap in order to view details.

And there’s a new feature called Google Offers, that lets major brands like Starbucks present you special offers or sales as you search.

For tablets, Google will provide an easier way to search for things to do in a given region.   You can type in shopping and see street view images inside a store. If you want to decide on a restaurant, you can get a 360 style view of the inside of the restaurant in some locations.

Google is also in the process of completely redesigning Google Maps and showed off some features to expect in the future.  Google will create maps individualized for you so that your favorite places show up as well as places your friends have visited.   If you travel to a new city, Google will make recommendations for restaurants, etc. based on your past preferences and those of your friends.

The maps also change according to your current searches, so that if you are searching for a museum, other museums in the area will be highlighted.

In the future you will be able to take a 3D virtual tour of places such as the Vatican from within Google Maps, incorporating Google Earth features.

Source: Google

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