Brandmotion Ships Lower Cost CCD Backup Camera

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Brandmotion 9002-8501

Brandmotion introduced a new universal factory-grade backup camera at a lower cost for its class.

The model 9002-8501 uses a CCD (Charge-Coupled Device) image sensor, rather than the typical CMOS sensor, for a more accurate camera.  But it was able to drive the cost of the unit down to $175.95 suggested retail price.

“What we’ve been able to do with the 8501 is bring the cost down close to what many other competitors are charging for older or less reliable cameras. It represents cost-efficient quality and a better product experience for the end user,”  said Jeff Varick, President of Brandmotion

The 8501 uses a lip-mount design to install under the trunk or hatch edge.  It’s wiring harness connects to a front-mounted monitor or aftermarket radio with an RCA input for a rear view camera.

The camera mounts to an included base that has been re-engineered to minimize drilling during installation.

Source: Brandmotion

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