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An Apple  patent application for a car mounting system for a tablet was published last week by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office.

The patent describes a magnetic mount for a tablet and then a magnet “stand” that attaches it to the car.  Or as, shown above, it also describes a magnet mount to an overhead console in the car. The system allows the tablet to easily detach from the car mount. It also includes sensors so the tablet can automatically go into car mode when it senses it is securely locked into the car mount.

The tablet would also wirelessly interact with the car to display car functions, present navigation, act as a backup camera monitor, and link to the car audio system.  It could respond to audible commands as well.

The patent cites a stand that has “a magnetic attachment unit that interacts with the magnet attachment mechanism to secure the tablet device and the stand, wherein a sensor in the tablet device senses that the tablet device is secured to the stand causing the tablet to automatically interact with the motor vehicle in a wireless mode.”

The mounting systems include multiple magnets to shield against a magnet field.

The patent application also cites many other magnetic stands for a tablet  including one for placing a tablet on top of a treadmill, or even linking two tablets together side by side with a magnetic hinge.

The patent application was published last week but it was originally filed August 31, 2011 entitled “Magnetic Stand for Tablet Device.”

See the application here:

Source: via Engadget 

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