Metra Launches Auto-Detect Car Radio Kits

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Metra Auto-Detect

Metra launched at CES a new Auto-Detect car radio replacement system under its Axxess brand.

Auto-Detect uses a single interface box that works with about 10 different wiring harness to apply aftermarket car radios to different vehicles.

When you plug the harness in the box, “basically, the unit itself will learn what vehicle it’s in,” said a Metra spokesman, adding, “Instead of hunting for wires, you plug it in and it auto configures.”

Auto-Detect currently works with vehicles from makers including Chrysler, General Motors, Toyota, Lexus and Jeep.

The harnesses includes a plug to work with Metra’s steering wheel interface, the ASWC.

We spotted a Sonic Electronix YouTube video on the device at CES if you want to take a look.

Source: CEoutlook

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