Omega Expands T-harness Line to Save Installers Time

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Omega Research and Development, which offers OmegaLink “RS firmware” plug-in remote start systems for late model Chrysler vehicles, is now offering pre-configured solutions for select GM and Ford vehicles. These new kits include a plug-in T-harness and a flashable module for each application.

The harnesses use factory style connectors integrating the module into the vehicle without compromising any factory wiring. This saves install time, increases reliability, and removes guess work for the installer. These solutions are ideal for lease vehicles or any application where removal may be necessary returning the car back to factory condition.

“Most of the new kits allow the customer to start the vehicle from the factory keyless entry remote,” said Mike Thompson, Product Development Manager, Omega Research. “If the customer is not satisfied with the range of the factory remote, all of the kits are compatible with the new Excalibur RF kits adding extended range with a one button 1-way remote, four button 1-way remote, or five button two-way remote which also feature low temp & low volt auto start, passive locking, and more.”


 OL-RS-GM2 for late model GM sedans

 OL-RS-GM7 for 2010+ flip key GM vehicles OL-RS-GM10 for late model GM trucks & SUV’s

 OL-RS-CH4 for late model tipstart Chrysler vehicles

 OL-RS-CH5 for late model non-tipstart Chrysler vehicles

 OL-RS-F01 for late model ford vehicles

For more information on Omega’s car security, keyless entry and remote start product lines, please visit,,, and

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